May 9th, 2007



From Auria: "I've been arguing with my cousin [harrock's first character] for twenty years, and he's the only person who can consistently make me angry. He told me he was getting married, and I got angry. It's a remarkable thing."

It is odd, how role-playing games bring that out in me. The Celine/Ferrak dynamic is the most argumentative I ever am with harrock, but I spat with Weythran on occasion too (less now than towards the beginning). In real life, I think I've had three serious arguments with harrock ever, and two were about Klothos, which (arguably!) doesn't count as real life. Maybe I'm suppressing my argumentative nature for the sake of marital harmony, and it all escapes in RPGs, but that doesn't seem like the right explanation. I think we mostly don't argue about things because we don't really disagree about things. Then, when we play characters who do disagree, it sets off my outrage much more strongly than with people who I disagree with more on a regular basis.

This made a bit more sense in my head when I thought of it.
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