May 16th, 2007


Bits and Pieces

  • Searching Google maps for businesses now gives you an option to have Google place the phone call for you, for free. Madness! (No, it's not just business that are advertising with Google, it appears to be all of them.)
  • Hah! I have defeated the Post Office! Or, at least, it appears that I can turn my current collection of stamps (32 84-cent, 32 75-cent, 13 39-cent, 9 48-cent) into rate-increased 1-pound Media Mail postage using two panes of 5-cent, and one pane each of 3-cent, 4-cent, and 23-cent, with only 11 cents left over.
  • The women's bathroom here in N42 now has a big sign saying "HAVE YOU HAD SEX // WHEN YOU DIDN'T WANT TO" with a big picture of an eye, and giving tear-off pages with information about MIT's Sexual Violence Resources. I find this really creepy. Not that I think rape isn't bad, but it isn't something that I want on my mind EVERY TIME I GO TO THE BATHROOM.
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