May 24th, 2007


The battle continues...

I should clearly never have said "Hah! I have defeated the Post Office!", because they heard me and got offended.

So... I ordered the set of stamps I needed to turn my eclectic collection of stamps into a new set of media mail postages, via the USPS on-line store. It was a little suspicious to start with, in that they assigned me the order number of "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" instead of the usual 16-digit number. But they charged my credit card, and marked my order as "Usually ships within 1 business day."

That was, of course, a week and a half ago. Since then, I've been filling out "Contact Us" forms saying "er, what's up with my order?" and "oh, for heaven's sakes, just cancel my order please!" and the like. Each time I send them a message, I get a notice that says that they'll reply to my question within one to two business days, but they haven't actually done so. See previous "week and a half ago". I kind of suspect that the mail being generated is showing up with "Order xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" and automatically being flagged as spam, because that's not a *real* order number.

So now I've sicced my credit card company on them. I will defeat the Post Office yet! (sssh!)
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