July 22nd, 2007


More Toothbrush Sweaters

More toothbrush sweaters! And one slinky cocktail dress (apparently toothbrush dresses do not need arm holes, the way sweaters do) and a "baby bag" for the baby toothbrush. As modeled by the local La Mancha toothbrushes.

The grey sweater has a modified arm technique which doesn't involve the arms being way up in the air, but did come out a little uneven. Now, technically, it probably doesn't matter if there's a hole in the torso where the arms attach, since the toothbrushes have no arms, and if I just skipped that step it would be easier, but it's the principle of the thing. A principle that I seem happy enough to gloss over for the dress, though.

I'm getting pretty good at these. Does anyone else want sweaters for their toothbrushes?
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