July 29th, 2007


all done!

Whee. Stagehanding for Theater at First is over. This sort of thing could be fun to do on a more regular basis, were it not for the flaw that it requires cancelling too much of my life for a month. As soon as I can expand "doing multiple things at once" into "being multiple places at once" I'll be all set, but my GM keeps insisting that I'm not in a weird-shit run.

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Commissioned Sweaters

Wow, today is really the Day of Posting. Anyway, I finished the two sweaters that people mentioned having wanted in my last picture of toothbrush sweaters.

I spent some of the dead time backstage at C'est Levine knitting; this weekend I worked on the Grey Sweater of Doom, but last weekend I was doing the blanket to go with the four sweaters for Amelia. People would ask me what I was working on, and I'd say "err... it's a blanket for toothbrushes" which I suspect led to longer conversations than people had intended to get into.
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