November 8th, 2007


knitting timeline

twe recruited me to recently; it's for, um, "fiber arts" (mostly knitting, also crochet and yarn spinning/dying). You get to organize your completed and in-progress projects, with pictures, and there's pictures of your stashed yarn, and everything is very cross-linkified so you can go see pictures of other people's versions of the same patterns, or what other people did with that same yarn, and so on. (Edit: Yes, I know it's not very friendly for people who aren't members, and what with the waiting list, becoming a member takes a while...)

On the one hand, it's nice to see all my projects a bit more coherently organized, and to get to look at variants, and get inspiration. I have a lot of finished projects, and that's not even including the ones that I failed to take pictures of, way back when.

On the other hand, it makes me way too aware of 1) how much yarn I have stashed that I'm probably never going to get to use (even after giving tons of it to kelkyag!), 2) how much really beautiful yarn there is that I haven't bought any of (leading to more twe-induced temptations. My arm was twisted! Twisted, I say!), and 3) how long it would take to make everything I want to. I need to invest in a knitting-specific timeline.

On the third hand, which would actually be pretty convenient for knitting, it makes organizing notes for things that people wanted made for them a lot easier. Bag for chenoameg, check, unless someone else produces one first. Sweater for shumashi, check. Hat and scarf for ilhander, check. Knuckle gloves for rifmeister, squid hat for arcanology, and so on. While I'm tracking things, does anyone else either think I promised them something I've forgotten, or want something (admittedly off in "who knows when" territory)? :)