December 20th, 2007


Phoenix Wright

Hmm, I think I forgot to post this before...

So, I've been playing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. There's a convoluted backstory (well, yes, in the game as well, but I meant in real life) involving shumashi talking me into thinking it sounded interesting, and having to wrap it up for tirinian because I owed him a wrapped present, and it's a game about a defense attorney! But then he left it on the table long enough that I started playing it myself instead.

Anyway. As shaggy_man noted, it's kind of bughouse-crazy (and anime expressions are not one of the visual conventions I'm fluent in, so I still find them disturbing). The prosecutors are nearly moustache-twirlingly evil at times, and the presumption of guilt until proven beyond a doubt innocent is disconcerting. But I really only require that a plot be "not much less plausible than Monkey Island", and there's a lot of leeway there.

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I do give it credit for trying to play in the murder mystery genre, with a couple of actually interesting mysteries (albeit mysteries populated with COMPLETE BUCKETHEADS of characters). And I like murder mysteries! Sadly, the more interesting the mystery, the harder it is to shoehorn the plot and the discovery thereof into the fairly limited game mechanic for solving it. Oh well.

(Puzzle Quest, on the other hand, is terribly addictive for me.)
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