January 12th, 2008


Home again, jiggety jig

We're home from Christmas in California. harrock has already told a lot of the good stories, but I enclose here a picture for the people wondering about the mysteriously lit thing with the 3 on it. And some bonus nieces for extra cuteness:
It was all fun, and very relaxing. A year ago, Isabelle was mostly an item card; she's grown up into a toddler with her own personality, which seem quiet and reasonably independent. Amelia has gone from talking in sentence fragments to whole (and sometimes kind of funny) sentences: "I'm trying to find a good surface to put the ketchup on." She also has picked up the complaint "That doesn't make me very happy!" which I have to imagine was originally used for things like "Don't hit Mommy in the nose, that doesn't make Mommy happy" and has now been co-opted for things like "If my pie isn't warm, that doesn't make me happy!" I can see why parents might have once just stuck with "Because I say so!"

The return trip involved a lot more being stuck in Oakland; happily, we were rescued for a while by ricedog, izmirian, and merastra, who took us to a Chinese restaurant with a whole bunch of things I had never had before (I was not courageous enough for the tendon with sea slug), and then we saw merastra's work and I got to play my first game of Rock Band, which was awfully fun, and even harrock deemed it More Fun Than He Expected. And yay, I even mixed seeing friends with seeing family, which I never usually do. :)

Our Oak->JFK / JFK->Bos flights had been replaced by an Oak->Bos redeye when the first leg of the original flight was delayed for two hours. As it turned out, the second leg of the flight got cancelled. As a strange little coda to the whole thing, I got a phone call from JetBlue earlier this afternoon telling me that yesterday's flight had been cancelled. I found this somewhat inexplicable - the circumstances in which I'd both need to know that yesterday's flight was cancelled, and not already know, would seem to be fairly limited. ("Got struck by amnesia in NYC and eligible for a refund" might be one...)

Oh, and:

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