January 14th, 2008



Sunday we went to Third at the Huntington. It was nicely thoughtful, but split up enough into anecdotal scenes that it wasn't too heavy, either. A good combination, and I liked it quite a lot. The guy playing "Third" was amazingly... unaffected? I'm not sure what the right word is. He was just this guy, transparent, likeable, real - hard to imagine that he was actually acting, though I'm sure he was. (As always so far, I love the sets at the Huntington, like I love the lighting at the ART. Perhaps someday they'll team up the two designer teams.)

Tonight I dragged harrock to Sweeney Todd. Also very nice. I think I am not quite enough of a singing connoisseur to properly critique the singing; there's some (what sounds to me like) out of tune singing in the movie of West Side Story that drives me crazy, but other than that, things like not having a head voice or cheating their vowels or whatever, mostly go over my head. Like tirinian, I found the bodies dropping from the chair dreadful, but the blood was cartoony. I don't mind the cutting of the Beggar Woman, because, honestly, I just don't like the Beggar Woman at all. Miracle Max's wife is the only character in The Princess Bride that irritates me; crazy hags, just not my archetype. By The Sea made me think of Harley Quinn and the Joker, who I am unaccountably fond of. And in Nothing's Gonna Harm You, I was stunned by the realization that while Toby is singing to Mrs. Lovett, Mrs. Lovett is singing to Sweeney. She's not lying to Toby, she's not even looking at him. She's committing to nothing going to harm Sweeney, even Toby, and I think it breaks her heart a little, but those are her priorities. I really liked that interpretation, even if I only made it up.

Finally, harrock and I took a whole pile of pictures of the snow on the trees. Here's a couple:
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