February 5th, 2008


Little Project

I include, for completeness' sake, the cuffs I replaced on desireearmfeldt's sweater.
twe noted, looking at the picture, "the blue one is nicer". Well, sadly, yes, but that was the original cuff that was shreddy at the edge, and I didn't find the perfect match for the blue. The grey isn't a perfect match either, but I think it's okay. I managed to get enough of the blue yarn unravelled to put in the alternating stitches, which I think ties it together... well, some, at least. It looks less abrupt than the version I tried that didn't have the alternation.

I was very distressed, however, when I started, and was trying to find the yarn end to start with:
For those of you less used to yarn projects, balls of yarn are supposed to have one end on the outside, and one end in the middle. Three - three is right out. It turned out that the yarn had been split at a point around the outside, so two of the ends are part of a medium length strand of their own. And as I knit, there were other bits where two of the ply were broken, and I had to splice them together. This seems like the work of moths to me (at least the yarn hadn't been in my stash of yarn!), so I put the whole thing in the freezer for a few days. I was really hoping either harrock or tirinian would ask "Why is there a sweater in the freezer?" but nobody seemed to notice.