February 13th, 2008


Abort, Retry, Fail

My brain seems to work very simply when it comes to icons. I was mocked a while back for assuming that people were the humans in their icons when I didn't reconize the pictures. I'm constantly thinking that fxz is twe because I think that's her teapot, or getting countertorque confused with someone else who had a spaceship. I usually end up figuring it out by the cognitive dissonance between the person I think it is and what they're saying, looking at the username more closely, and then rebinding in my head: "right, right, the teapot is *him*."

So this morning I was reading my friends list, and got to the section pictured below, and kept looping back, looking at the username, reading through, and getting confused. ("Huh, I didn't know they knew each other...") I think I did it three times before my head exploded.
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Google is trying to phish me!

Until this morning, Google Docs was the coolest thing for collaboration. This morning, trying to invite addresses@mit.edu leads to what really looks like a phishing scheme. It isn't, it's that someone seems to have signed "mit.edu" up for a Team Edition of Google Apps, or something, complete with "In the future, this account may be accessible by your domain administrator, at which point you will be notified" warnings.

But it does not warm my heart to see Google asking for my "mit.edu" password, no matter how well it thinks it means!
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