February 14th, 2008


Grey Sweater of Doom

Hooray! The Grey Sweater of Doom for mjperson is finished! It feels like it's been in progress for forever, and it's dense enough (size 2 needles) that it probably has more yardage of yarn than anything I've previously made. I finished the collar at the run tonight, and twe was nice enough to take pictures. I've been calling it the grey sweater, but it's really an odd shade somewhere between brown and tan. "Taupe", I suppose, which is probably the second most unattractive-sounding color name ever, behind "puce".
My interesting lesson for this sweater was cabling without a cable needle (there's a nice tutorial here). I was pretty dubious to start with, but by the time I finished, it really was a lot faster. And since I seem to lose cable needles left and right, being able to do without is a nice bonus.
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