March 17th, 2008


Bits and Pieces

  • Yesterday was an emergency reschedule of next week's Conflux run. We mostly squashed four (small) armies before they invaded Earth, and we asked Michael for some advice and he chucked an angel through the stained glass window at us. Of course, angels have a different morality than we do, which will be interesting.
  • Some Men, at the Speakeasy on Saturday. Enjoyable, kept light through anecdotalness, and surprisingly full of nude men. There was a comment in the program about a previous draft of the play having women characters, which were removed in the final draft; desireearmfeldt has her own objections to that, but mine start with feeling like the story is very insular if it's only about gay men, but probably in the end boil down to "I am happier with a story if there are characters like me in it!". Which is ironic, given that gay men and other minorities have a much stronger claim to being underrepresented in fiction than I do.
  • Five octopodes (is that pronounced "ock-TOP-poe-dees", kirisutogomen? That's how I've been saying it...) done. For those who want to follow along at home, here's an Octopus Wars roster. I had to debug two different bugs in the album script to get the octopus corner frame to work!