March 24th, 2008


Bits and Pieces

  • The Huntington sort of inexplicable play is very different than the ART sort of inexplicable play. Shining City had a gorgeous set, a mesmerizingly well-acted therapy patient, and was generally a very well done version of a play that I'm not quite sure why it was written. (Maybe it was all just a lead up to the twist in the last three seconds, which had a great impact, but... still, huh?)
  • Easter Egg Hunt! As always, too much candy, though clever tirinian sent most of the leftovers away with the undergraduates. This year had the Head Start for Small People (in which people could self-declare as Small People) and the Handicap Pauses for Mad Hunters, so that mellowed it out a lot. theweirdones got to be this year's Scourge.
  • The masses, having seen the pirate octopus, clamored for a ninja octopus. Apparently it's a basic law of physics: if a black hole emits a pirate, it must also emit a corresponding ninja, or the universal gravitational constants fall out of balance. Or something. So, anyway: