April 21st, 2008


Let the Octopus Wars Begin!


There's even RSS feeds for new contests and new entries, for the convenience of the peanut gallery. :)
The feeds are at http://anz.mit.edu/Octopus/RSS/contests.php and http://anz.mit.edu/Octopus/RSS/entries.php, but depending on your RSS reader, it may be easier to click on the little RSS icon from the score and the list of all contests. And a discussion forum, at request.

(If someone decides they want to play after all, let me know and I'll get you an octopus. This is not a game in which having a slow start is likely to hurt you particularly much.)

(Also, for people who want to know who's playing the different octopodes, that's under the username 'player' and the obvious thing as the password. It's not Seekrit, but I don't want it trivially webscraped.)