July 9th, 2008


Difficult Sweater

So, in following the theme of Too Small Sweaters...

I made this sweater for shumashi. It was kind of pesky to make, because the yarn turned out to be not bulky enough for the pattern, so I had to change the stitch count, and then unravel it at least once to put in more stitches. Finally, after a knitting density of close to two stitches knit to every one stitch in the final product, it was done! I blocked it (because it looked ridiculously scrunchy), and had shumashi try it. It mostly fit, but the neckline was a little wide. So, I figured that that might have been due to the blocking, and the thing to do was to *un*block it. Now, the yarn was superwash (wool that's been chemically treated to be non-felty), so I got it wet and put in the dryer on extra-low. Where, unfortunately, it promptly felted. Happily, it's still wearable, but the sleeves are tight and it turned from a purple-brown sweater to a brown sweater with hot pink fuzz. Weird. On the plus side, the neckline is no longer quite so wide. On the minus side, there went all the cable definition. Sigh.

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