July 17th, 2008


Card Mechanics

My most recent teach-myself-something-new project was the Illumineaucracy board. The springs and drifting are probably overkill for the purpose, but it was fun to play with. I asked Jelom what I should write it in, and he told me Adobe Flex - for the record, people who can answer that sort of question are the greatest resource ever. I have a very hard time telling from the description of Thing X whether it does the sort of thing I want; on the one hand, there will be an API full of technical jargon, and on the other hand, there will be a paragraph telling me how Thing X is the most amazing tool for doing everything in the world. (Sort of like justom about Java). And probably a blog somewhere explaining how Thing X kills puppies.

But that reminded me of my First Web Script Ever, which I was then compelled to rewrite: the thresh scry. The old images are all gifs, because that was when reading jpegs for a web browser was Crazy New Technology, not to be depended on. But it's all still just little card mechanics, no matter what it runs on...