August 2nd, 2008



I forgot to mention last weekend's Thing With Cows In the Picture and The Real Inspector Hound, which tirinian mentioned a while ago. I do like Aaron Sorkin, but perhaps he needs someone standing over his shoulder hitting him with a stick when he gets too repetitive, which he apparently did not have for the play. TRIH made a bit more sense seeing it than it did reading it through, in that totally-not-making-sense way. Both critics, justom and the guy I didn't know, were adorable; the other characters are too over the top for me to be able to tell whether I liked them or not, which is sort of odd. Having to move venues between one show and the next was kind of a pain, and totally defeated the purpose of showing up early to get decent spots-on-the-ground (despite the fact that we couldn't find the fish sculpture and wandered all around the park for twenty minutes). Happily, we hooked up with, um, Ireland Lass, is that her code name? who knew where we should be making a dash for.

In segue, both justom, and mister_nick have managed to stop looking quite so perpetually twenty, and the latter was also adorable in A Little Night Music. "Later" is growing on me as a song; I think the first time I encountered it it just seemed whiny, but both the Boston Pops version of last month and this version had some actual anguish in it. Henrik oscillates between being a puppy and being a tormented soul, and it's the tormented soul part that makes him worth watching. I really liked the Countess as well, and desireearmfeldt was grandly imperious as Mme. Armfeldt and has the Best Chair Ever. (Also cool to hear her sing so low, though "Liasons" is not one of the songs that has grown on me yet). The Armfeldts did suffer from Desiree looking substantially older than Madame, though; since Desiree was so clearly a ringer, I expected her to be more kick-ass than she was.

And, during intermission, someone came up and said she was knitting the same sock as me! She didn't have her sock, though, so they couldn't play together, and I'm afraid I couldn't think of anything very clever to say other than "cool!". Everyone else seems to think that the idea of identifying the same sock across a room is totally beyond the ability of normal mortals, which amuses me. I'm sure twe could also identify my sock. :)
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