August 31st, 2008



It's been Saturday for forever. Friday was a comet mini-run (we unbroke the goblin, yay!), and Comet runs are usually Saturday. Then the real Saturday, there was Waffle Brunch, and then Rimers, and then Cake. Then today, which is the day before another weekend, so it's still also Saturday; that had moving Ireland Girl in the morning, and then barbecue at Errol's.

In general, it has been a lovely weekend full of people. My only complaint is that I thought my body and I had a deal. I will not sleep with a blanket, and I will stop doing physical work in heat *before* I feel ill. And, in return, it will not give me migraines. In general, we seem to hold to this deal okay. I thus feel somewhat betrayed when I *stopped* carrying boxes when I got hot, and then ran my head under water and felt okay again -- and then two hours later it gives me the darned migraine anyway! I really should have taken prophylactic Advil, but I felt fine at the time. I will remember this for next time, though. And people chased me outside where it was cooler and made me sit in the comfy chair and ilhander brought me ice cream, so I got to be pampered in a way that will make me smile long after the headache stopped annoying me.