September 26th, 2008


Tiny Walkabout

Yesterday was a lovely birthday. No mad anti-potluck this year (they seem to be an every-other-year sort of party), but there was:
  • shumashi herded together a Small Lunch Mob with vorpalbunny and baronet. (Both justom and rifmeister said 'sorry I coudln't make it' later, so it was more of a Thing than I even realized at the time! Whee!)
  • I took off work slightly early, and went out to Mt. Auburn Cemetery to wander around. Nice weather for walking, and it's a gorgeous peaceful place to wander. (Well, peaceful except for all the sirens that kept going by.)
  • Dinner of all sorts of odd things at Sofra . (These Mini-Adventure bullet points inspired by tallou, who also reminded me that these two places are here.)
  • chenoameg came over later, with a Birthday Present Book, and hung about for a while chatting until tirinian and harrock came home.
  • Tomorrow, harrock is taking me to dinner at Troquet for my Rescheduled Birthday, which should be yummy, and I will wear my New Shoes.
  • Tonight is Romeo and Juliet (and barbecue), which isn't really birthday related at all, but I can include since it's sandwiched between the other two bits of my birthday.