October 20th, 2008


Two Parties

Friday was Prom for Grownups at rifmeister's. I wore a dark blue bridesmaid-type dress that I had not previously had an excuse to wear, and the purple lace stole I finished last month, and was quite pleased with the effect. And rif said I looked beautiful! (Okay, still susceptible to compliments. :) ) As is often the case at parties, I did a lot of talking with people I already know, instead of Meeting New Friends, but it was still a lot of fun even if I wasn't making proper use of the urbanity mechanic. There was a digression into evaluating the physical attributes of various gentlemen, which was particularly entertaining (I belatedly realize that the adjective I wanted for collarbones was "sculpted").

Sunday was Our House Has No Heat Party at twinknj, which was a very different sort of fun. mjperson made goulash as an excuse to run the oven, and I brought over hot buttered rum ingredients, and we all huddled under blankets and watched Dexter and drank hot buttered rum. Apparently by the end of the party, it was four degrees warmer than at the beginning, so the party was deemed a Success! (Some people might consider having no heat a reason to visit *other* people's houses, but twinknj is eccentric.)

Apparently, if I become a serial killer, and reporters go around afterwards to interview my friends, they will *not* be told "She always seemed like such a nice person, I can't believe it!", as is traditional, but "Yeah, that doesn't surprise me as much as you'd think." Except for harrock, who is sweet enough to promise that he would be very surprised.
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