November 18th, 2008


Bits and pieces

  • desireearmfeldt's Rimers on Friday. It is an awfully depressing play, but it doesn't fail my "Laura doesn't like it" test, since there are characters I care about and the doom is not all petty. I also seem to be drifting more into the Theater@First social orbit (though not as much as harrock, who was actually Tech Director), having fussed with the printies and taken the pictures for Rimers. (But I'm still not a Theater Person, at least, not in the doing rather than the going sense.)
  • Merchant of Venice with justom on Saturday. I got somewhat lost on the way to the theater, having never been around the Fort Point Channel area before, but it was worth the confusion. Probably the best live Shakespeare production I've ever seen. Jeremiah Kissel as Shylock was amazing. (How can anyone put so much into "I am content"? Despair and hate and resignation and black bitterness...)
  • I don't do the tirinian thing of mentioning stuff I've done every week, so I realize I neglected to mention things like my parents visiting over Halloween weekend. That ended up having the Tomes of Terror radio play, and Boleros for the Disenchanted and fancy steak dinners and all sorts of excitement. And it was an excuse to clean the house, which it often kind of needs.