November 22nd, 2008


Highs and Lows

Today started disastrously, with a terrible headache at 3am. (This was my own stupid fault; it is the time of the month when I have to be very careful about temperature regulation going to sleep, and taking a shower because I'm cold is not the right sort of careful.) Advil and cold washcloths had it mostly under control by the time I was supposed to be getting up to go to work, but I was feeling sorry for myself enough to get a hot vanilla instead of normal N42 coffee.

Work was good. Lunch with mjperson and shumashi is always fun. :) It wasn't very anecdotal, though.

harrock came to meet me to see Rock 'N' Roll at the Huntington, and we figured we'd take the bus across the river (it being cold, and #1 busses running something like every two minutes), except that then the bus decided to take half an hour. This was probably an omen for later. The whole problem with waiting for a bus running late is that no matter what time you decide "Oh, forget it, I'll just walk", you should have decided it long ago, and when you do decide, the bus will pass you after you've just started walking.

The play was lovely (and the Huntington sets was as magical as always. They're the only theater I've been to that gets applause for the set.) Stoppard plays are always chock full of random pontifications[*] - but some of them paint characters I care about out of the broad brush strokes made up of little tiny lines of verbiage. This one does; Coast of Utopia didn't so much.

Then we attempted to head home, until the Red Line decided to stand by at Charles for a while. (Of all the stations to wait in the winter with the doors open, Charles is one of my least favorites). After about twenty minutes of that, they said that there was a fire at Harvard and no trains running between Park and Alewife, and there would be shuttle busses from Park Street. And that we should go to the *other* side of the train platform to get a train to take the bus. Except that there wasn't a train, of course, since there were no trains running between Park and Alewife, so I really don't know what was up with that, other than that they kept telling us to wait for a train. That was very confusing, and Charles street *outside* a train is even less good than inside the train with the doors open, so we finally gave up and caught a cab. My feet, however, are still cold.

*: I'm trying to construct an epigram about taking a Mamet play and replacing every instance of the word "fuck" with a paragraph of exposition taken from a random topic on Wikipedia, and getting a Stoppard play...