December 16th, 2008


Bits and Pieces

  • I got to be double regulars yesterday! mjperson and shumashi and I were table "Superregs" at Middlesex, which made us (well, made Marleigh and I) do happy dances in our seats. Then, since harrock's Monday night games were cancelled, we went to Rendezvous, where (like Cheers?) everyone seemed to know me. Now, Rendezvous is more like three-times-a-year instead of three-times-a-week the way Middlesex is, but the maître d' recognized me by name, and several wait staff said it was good to see me again. Warm fuzzies all around!
  • If you set your Mailman list to discard all messages from non-list members (so that you don't get pestered by spam), and you are not a list member, then the messages you send to the list will be discarded. Yes, even if it's your list. No, I can't get the messages back. I'm sorry.
  • Jerry and I have stolen mijven's idea about digital picture frames. Yay!
  • Aurelia's Oratorio at the ART was frequently lovely and sometimes puzzling. The Mystery of Irma Vep was a very well done version of a show that was too over-the-top campy for me to appreciate properly. The Lyric Stage seems to have about one show a year which is Not My Sort Of Comedy, though they're very good at it; still, I probably appreciate it more than the Not My Sort Of Overly Erudite that the ART does also about once a year.