January 14th, 2009


Back from Christmas travels

Christmas Part II was fun. About half of the visitors (me, Erik, Lew) started out sick, and the other half decided to get sick later; I feel kind of bad for the number of germs we will have left behind in California. harrock and I managed to meet tallou and jofish22 for dinner with the Absolete Bestest Crepes Ever before succumbing to being sniffly slugs around the house. (Other California people we didn't see, sorry!)

Niece updates: Amelia's new obsession is bugs. Especially praying mantises and dragonflies and crickets. The pair of them together, however, are obsessed with Wall-E (or, in Isabelle's case, Burn-E[*]). They continue to be the Cutest Little Kids Ever.

Here we are burying them in the front yard:

*: Burn-E is the welder-bot who stars in a short feature on the DVD.
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