February 4th, 2009


Small, but Happy Victory

My new character in Auria (the run has moved on from the High Level Epic People of the past to a new set of first-level characters) is a con artist. Or, at least he was before he became an adventurer. (He's destined to become the first Priest of Edrick, which is sort of like running a Very Large Con on the universe...) I'm not always so good at this yet, in part because I take a while to ramp up to thinking both crazy and competent at the same time, and in part because a first level anything isn't that competent to start with. And I am constantly faced with temptation - steal from the bad guy we're surveilling, and give away that someone's been there? Or leave the ten crowns?

Anyway, last night, we searched the house of the Alderman we thought was bribed, in search of Evidence. I found a strongbox in the bedroom, which had 4 crowns and jewelry and a stack of love letters from one of the bad guys to the alderman's wife, suggesting that she's the one being influenced instead of him. My Grand Plan was to switch from secret-break-in to Stage A Burglary, in which I took the money (and jewelry!), and left the letters scattered around the bedroom, which was put into disarray. Then, I went to the party they were all at, got the guards to let me deliver a message to the alderman ("I'm sure he'll want to see me. If it turns out I'm wrong, you can beat me up and throw me out." "I suppose that's a fair bargain."). I tell him there were Shadowy Figures breaking into his house, and I came here to warn him, in case there might be something in it for me. Off he goes to check out his house, and HE TIPS ME A SHILLING.

I may have to bronze my shilling.
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