February 15th, 2009


Day 4

Sunday was harrock's actual day off, but we were thwarted by there being almost no theater in London on Sunday (I do not count "Michael Jackson's Thriller - Live!"), and by the more interesting Markets (Portobello Road, Borough) having been on Saturday. (Though justom gets points for the restaurant list, he gets anti-points for waiting until Saturday evening to bring up how much fun it would have been had I gone Friday or Saturday.) Though really, today's poor timing was nothing compared to yesterday, in which I managed to ditch Jerry for dinner and then hide in the hotel dining room for an hour and a half while they denied that I was there.

So, we went to the flower market in Columbia Road - not that we wanted to get flowers, but it's on Sundays, and it was a fun Adventure. Then I dragged Jerry to the Portrait Gallery (which seemed to have mysteriously moved since Friday) to see the photos, and then he dragged me around the paintings of Tudors and Victorians, and then I found a bookstore, except that that was before. Then there was some resting our feet at the hotel, and then Tapas. Now, I am resting my feet again. :)