February 16th, 2009


Day 5

Today's main plan was Billy Elliot (and an interesting restaurant in which I had "pig trotter stuffed with sweetbreads" in an attempt to be more adventurous than usual). There was some Wandering Around during the early part of the day (in which I decided to not go on the London Eye, because who wants a ferris wheel in which you stand up for half an hour? It's an odd sort of laziness that involves walking around for an hour and a half before deciding that standing still for half an hour is too much work.) And, I managed to determine that the yarn store I wanted to visit is not open on Mondays before heading all the way there.

I was talking to harrock on the way back, that my understanding of British culture has undergone several changes over the course of my lifetime. First, they were "just like us" (they speak English, right?) Then, fiction taught me that they had (and we did not) an Upper Class consisting of Earls and Dukes and single men in possession of good fortunes who must be in want of wives, and colonels with country homes in which murders took place, and so on. Then I learned they didn't have all those quite so much any more, and maybe they were just like us again. More recently (at least, as compared to things written before I was born), the wave of fiction reminding me that Britain is not Just Like Us is the genre of the Plight of the Working Class with optional Margaret Thatcher hate. It's not that the US doesn't have plight-of-the-working-man fiction, it's just a different feel to it.

I have no conclusion here, it's just something I was noticing. :)