September 21st, 2009



I was heading to the T today, when I was stopped by a woman with a clipboard, who asked if I was a registered voter. I said I was, though not in Cambridge. She said that was fine - had I already signed anything to put anyone on the ballot? No? Would I be willing to sign a petition for Martha Coakley?

I didn't remember who that was, so I said I wasn't familiar with her. The woman said that didn't matter, this wasn't a vote for her, it was just to allow her to be on the ballot in order to run. I said no, I'm not willing to give my support to someone that I don't know if I support or not. She got this very unpleasnat look on her face, and started to explain again that it didn't matter, when I said no thank you and kept going.

She could have told me something about Martha Coakley that might have made a difference, but instead, the main position that I will associate with her now is that I shouldn't concern myself with what she actually believes in.

(okay, yes, I shouldn't judge someone by one volunteer... but still.)