September 25th, 2009


Various Knitting Projects

Two pairs of socks done. The first is one of my traditional "stock up on socks for Christmas presents" projects, called Vilai, from the new Cookie A sock book.

The second is a Tsock Tsarina pattern called "Blue Stockings" (for Uppity Knitters Who Represent). The "Half Veil Stitch" involves a lot of twisting - each stitch has a 360 twist in it (like knitting into the back loop but twice as much) . The Tsarina has a new and improved method of doing the stitch, which involves twirling the needles around each other to put the twist on, but I actually found that that made my fingers tired, while I got very fast at the classic "very awkward" Barbara Walker method. I never got completely even, but then, neither did the Tsarina, so I'm probably good.

This is an amazing old lace pattern called Lyra by Herbert Niebling. For a while, the German magazine that had the pattern would sell for ridiculous amounts on eBay, but it's finally been reprinted. This is twe's yarn, since I'm happy enough to knit lace and give it away, and she's happy enough to let someone turn her cool yarn into something pretty, so it works out. I've seen other people who have "how much in progress" pictures on their blogs in the sidebar, which look neat - but I don't want to keep uploading incremental changes to Ravelry, so I don't really know what to do with it. Anyway, this is as far as I am so far. :) [My picture-in-progress is no longer around, but this is the finished picture]