November 12th, 2009


Very Large Doily

Lo, I have finished the lace Lyra tablecloth for twe!

Like all lace, it's interesting and a little suggestive of laciness while being knit, but really looks like nothing so much as a complicated floppy bag. Once blocked out, though, it's magical.

The most interesting thing about the pattern (to me) is how it gets made square. There's the eight flowers surrounded by mesh, which is all 8-fold symmetric, and then there's the bits outside that. Those are made up of triangular-ish sections (small mesh bordered by leaves), and the corners have two repeats of those triangles while the middle sections just have one repeat. It's obvious once you look, and it makes it clear how much the difference between a curve and a straight line in knitting is due to what's next to the stitches in question.