December 18th, 2009


Next amazing advancement: carriages that go without horses!

I've been watching a lot of TV on hulu lately, because it's good for knitting at the same time. Unfortunately, the commercials can be pretty repetitive. There's one, though, that I really did have to see it a good dozen times before I got the point[*].

"What if a moment standing still... could be just as beautiful when it breathes? If some moments.... prefer to take their time. If photography moved us like we moved photography, and we could see beyond the still. Moving photography in 1080P full HD, Pioneered by EOS, inspired by Canon."

The visuals are all still photos turning into moving photos - hair blowing, people moving, the football player who is leaping to catch the ball finishing his catch. It's very pretty and would be inspiring if it didn't leave me with the feeling that they are extremely proud of themselves for having invented the movie. THE IMAGES! THEY MOVE! TECHNOLOGICAL WITCHERY! SCARING THE HORSES!

(*: I think the point is that the video resolution is as good as the still resolution. Or maybe I still haven't gotten it.)
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