February 11th, 2010


Blank Week

This is probably the first week with nothing scheduled on it, in a long time. Thus, there have been several Random Adventures. On Monday I helped provided moral support accompanied mjperson to Wallace to pass off a camera, and then yesterday he and harrock and I celebrated the Lamest Snowpocalypse Ever by going to Craigie on Main and sitting at the bar for foofy drinks and yummy food. Plus their twitter feed promised us free amuse bouches and chocolate if we Braved the Snow. I love this social marketing stuff. :)

I really like Craigie on Main - Jerry hasn't really forgiven them for replacing La Groceria, and their food is a little weird for him, but I think it's amazing and yummy and different every time I go, and they also have very engaging bartenders. And they're about three minutes away from work, so swooping in just as they open is easy. The Mad Science Bartender doesn't seem to be there any longer, but the one who is there now (Paul) is just as interesting - and there's the whole thing about getting to sit somewhere where someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about a subject, who is happy to talk to you about that subject, but it's also interactive in that you get to try the results of the experiments you're most interested in. The restaurant also has a setup where you can sit where you can watch the kitchen instead, but I'm not sure if the chefs are quite so friendly as the bartenders.