March 22nd, 2010


Bits and Pieces

  • No, you cannot both submit guest account forms sponsoring each other as guests, when neither of you are employees. First, I'm not going to fall for that, and second, if I was going to fall for it the first time, the second time definitely wouldn't work.
  • "Riding an exercise bike is not a perceivable joy". -justom
    True, I suppose, but I seem to have avoided thinking that it's a horrible tedious chore. (I don't think I can quite knit at the same time, though). It is technically harrock's bicycle, since his foot problems have precluded going on Mad Long Walks, but even he can't use it all the time. Anyway, I'm "biking" for half an hour more days than not, which is more aerobic than I am used to. With more practice that number should get to go up.
  • I think the goat's milk soap may be fired. "Pungent" is not one of my goals for a shower. (It may actually be whatever the little green flecks are, rather than the goat's milk, but I am suspicious.)