March 25th, 2010


Two Bits, No Pieces

  • Today at work, I wanted to mail a box. Unfortunately for me, my box was slightly too heavy for the 5-pound scale in the mail room. I asked Oliver if he had a bigger scale (because he can usually be counted upon to have one of almost everything except scissors), and he thought he used to, but had disposed of it, maybe in the basement shower room? We both went on quests around the building for scales - Hardware Services had one, but it started at -4 pounds and I was a little suspicious of it - but Oliver couldn't find his, and the only other postage scale, in the basement mail room was also 5 pounds. Bah! Quest thwarted!

    Oliver suggested: put it on both postage scales. Oh! Hey! Yes, of course that would work! And, I'm sure if you had presented it to me as a logic puzzle (You have a 6-pound box, and two five-pound scales: how do you weigh it?) I would have gotten the answer. But I would never have thought of it under actual circumstances. One of umpteen reasons why Oliver is great. :)

  • Exercise bicycle update: Being tired is kind of like being bored. If I am sufficiently distracted, I don't notice so much that I'm tired. However, I seem to have to distract two timelines, not just one. Watching TV is insufficiently distracting (which is why I normally knit while watching TV). Audiobook plus iTouch game is sufficient.
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