April 25th, 2010


Weekend in Pictures

Today while harrock cooks his seven deadly lasagnas, I'm off to the Cambridge Science Festival, where I was recruited onto a Math and Knitting project. I'm bringing the Escher Sweater (Mike's) and a Klein Hat that the nieces usually wear, and I also made some sample mobius scarves and crochet surfaces.

Yesterday, we went and got a bunch of flowers for the front garden. I get to wander around pointing out interesting new plants and then Jerry puts them in the ground and makes it all kind of cohere. We're slowly phasing in more annuals, and perhaps this year we'll remember to take cuttings of the coleus before it freezes.

A few weeks ago, someone asked one of the IT mailing lists I'm on about album software, and I mentioned "album", the perl script I use, and used my photo album as an example. The asker seems to have settled on using something else, but several different people commented on my knitting projects, and one co-worker was enamored of my original grumpasaurus. So I made one for him.