May 26th, 2010


Positive, negative (plus bonus amnesia)

The other day, someone told me (I can no longer remember where I acquired this data, but thank you, forgotten person) that Portal was free to download until... some time recently. I hadn't bought it, because I was kind of worried that it would make me motion sick, since I seem to be most affected by 3D games that simulate being inside rooms. But free - that was worth trying it out.

So, I installed Steam, dowloaded Portal, and started playing it. Yay, magic of the internet!

Then, two days later, Steam auto-updated Portal, and all my start menus went away. I can no longer load or save games. Boo, magic of the internet, and I quote mjperson:
"So, you're saying that you destroyed my mac by remote control with an automated signal from your secret headquarters?"
"Um, our headquarters isn't secret."
--Mike vs. Apple Tech Support
(Also, alas, the answer is yes, it does make me motion sick, but that can be solved with a timer.)