June 3rd, 2010


Summer Dessert

I've made these strawberry brown butter bettys twice now, once for brilit's barbecue and once for Comet last night, and whee, they're fun.

First, they're chock full of browned butter, which is one of my favorite flavors (salt, fat, toastedness - what could be better?). (Speaking of which, does anyone know a source for mizithra cheese that isn't California? I suppose I'll be there soon, and I can stock up. I always feel so silly shopping for groceries 2000 miles away...). Second, I think the crust trick - roll out white bread with a rolling pin and then slather with melted butter - is both Ridiculously Cheating and Very Effective. The step of taking the little tartlets out of the muffin tin spaces is very very easy, because bread is structural in a way that pastry and shortbread and things just aren't - so you can lift the whole thing out without it falling to bits on you.