July 20th, 2010


The weirdest thing just happened...

Okay. So. I mentioned a while ago that the author of The Gone-Away World read my livejournal review of it, and finding that a little startling. I don't friends-lock much, but even so - I mostly talk about things I knit, and things I read, and random anecdotes that I think might be amusing, but I can't think that I'm all that interesting if you don't know me.

This evening, I get an email notice that ladymondegreen had added me as a friend. I didn't recognize the name (well, I recognized the name from the original etymology, but that wasn't actually helpful), so I poked at the userinfo - hmm, they list chanaleh as a friend, but she knows pretty much everyone in the world, and there are no other people in common. And, hmm, as it turns out, she's not a person, she appears to be a musical group. I have been friended by a musical group. Well, okay, I know some musicians, maybe I know someone in the group. I click on their web site. It lists the original members of Lady Mondegreen, and one name kind of rings a bell - Seanan McGuire. Is that someone I know? No, I don't think I know anyone named Seanan. Wait... didn't I just write a review of a book by someone named Seanan? I google Seanan McGuire. Yes, she wrote that book I just read.

Which I had just written a review of.


Learning that authors notice my reviews is disconcerting. Learning that authors get some sort of proleptic ARC memo of my livejournal posts which mention them goes rather past disconcerting and into surreal.

Though, now, my next post about the author in question is *not* the review (still sitting in the file waiting to accrue more books), but is this post instead. I don't know if I even *can* post a review of someone who is listening to me already! The timestream has been altered from the original, and we've spun off into some alternate (and more interesting) acausal variant.

I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow!
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