December 6th, 2010


Two projects done for Christmas

Both of these have kind of odd timing.

The sweater is a project I started for shumashi last spring; I chugged along on pieces for a while, until the point at which all the pieces went together, and then it started to be overly (alpaca is *warm*) to have the whole sweater in my lap during summer, so I put it on hiatus until it got cooler. When I finally picked up again, there was so little left to do it took only a few more hours. On the other hand, it wouldn't have been a fun thing to wear during the summer... Anyway, I think this pattern has one of the most egregious uses of tricksy photography I've run into, with a strategically placed dog disguising a somewhat awkward joining, *and* the amount of flat which the hemline is not. Happily, shumashi can make nearly anything look good, even this eccentric pattern.

As for the scarf - whenever I travel, I have to visit nearby yarn stores. For our Cape Cod Christmas in October, I managed to drag my parents on one of these expeditions (It was on the highway to Provincetown! How could we not stop?), and Lew liked one of the display scarves. So I got the yarn for it, and it took about three days to knit up. Now, we've already *had* Christmas, but I don't want to keep the darned thing around for a whole year more waiting to wrap it, so it's Second Christmas time. (Like second breakfast, but with less bacon.)