February 3rd, 2011


Nom nom nom

Last night got to be the Official Celebration of a Return to Liking Food. I've had an appetite again since the weekend, so our usual small mob (me, harrock, mjperson, and ilhander) went to Craigie Street last night. Given the horrible weather, and the amount of trudging through ankle-deep slush lakes required to get there (in fact, the Rolly Place had closed for lunch due to the weather), I was a little surprised that I hadn't gotten email saying "Come in during the storm and get free hot chocolate!", but it turned out the reason for that was that it was their Whole Hog Dinner, and they had other plans than chocolate. There were balloons everywhere (including Pig Balloons) and the staff all had pig ears or noses (three out of four of our party thought that having a pig nose on your forehead was Very Disconcerting, though), and there was pork and more pork and still more pork for dinner. Between the four of us, I think we tried all the dishes - my favorites of the night were the crispy pork ribs (done the way they often do pigs' tails, with nuoc cham) and the wild boar risotto and the bourbon pecan ice cream tart. mjperson and ilhander got the wine pairings; harrock and I stuck with the cocktails (because getting to ask for interesting drinks, with explanations and commentary, is the best part. Well, and the food. That's also the best part.). We also got to try Carrie's milk punch, steeped with peppers and mustard and tea and other things that I have forgotten, and was one of the most interesting of the milk punches yet.

Wandering in and randomly finding a Celebration of All Things Pig was a lovely official return to the world of food being edible. And then we foisted fancy dinner credits on mjperson, so it was almost like it was free! Bonus!
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