March 31st, 2011


Extra-good customer service

I've heard a lot about Zappo's customer service, and actually got to interact with it the other day. I often order shoes from them (since I always get approximately the same shoes, in the same size, it's pretty simple), but had never tried ordering socks. So I got some socks, two sets of which were fine, and one set of which, wearing all day ended up being too pinchy at the "make sure this stays up!" cuffs. They came in a three-pack, and the other two hadn't been opened, but the *price* was for all three, so I emailed customer service to make sure that I could return two out of the three (the return button is more atomic than "return 2/3 of this order"), since the third had been worn. The answer was "Well, this time you can return all of them, though normally we don't take returns that have been worn outside". Which... is really nice, and sweet of them (and made the return button simpler), but I end up feeling as if I've gotten away with something that I wasn't even trying for! I don't want to be the bad customer that demands unreasonable things!

But, anyway, go them. Their customer service is better than I wanted. :)