June 11th, 2011


Cursed Pink Socks

I have never had a project I have felt such conflicting feelings about. On the one side, this is a very clever, well-crafted pattern. All the pattern segues (ribbing/body, body/toe, body/heel) are real segues, not just "Stop one pattern and start the new one". The calf is wider than the ankle, which means adjusting from a seven-stitch-wide pattern to a six-stitch-wide pattern, no mean trick. And there's a trick for the heel flap I've never seen before, which is totally brilliant. On the other side, the beading was a real pain - I've only beaded lace before, which is much easier. I probably should have used larger beads. The pattern uses size zero needles, which are a little fiddly for me, and also kind of fragile - I accidentally broke a needle twice and had to replace it. Between these issues, I started manufacturing reasons in my head that I didn't like the pattern (travelling stitches that have the decrease and the increase on different rows! How terrible! The K-YO-K increase sometimes leaves a hole and sometimes doesn't - well, that one is true.) and ended up not working on them for months. But I finally decided it was silly to let an inanimate object beat me in emotional combat, so I started working on them again, and then RAN OUT OF YARN AT THE SECOND TOE. Cursed, I tell you! But Ravelry is the best thing in the world, and I pinged a couple of people who had made projects with the same yarn, and one of them sent me her leftovers. It's a different dye lot with more dark bits, so the change is visible, but that just makes the socks not match, which is what shumashi likes anyway.