July 1st, 2011


Not Really A Rant

There is a thing that happens on the T sometimes. I tend to stand, often against the door (on the non-opening side), or at the end of the car against the wall. Sometimes someone will come in, and stand very very close to me, when the car isn't at all crowded, ususally facing the other direction, so that I have the back of someone's head in my face. It's not like they're trying to annoy me, or surreptitiously grope me, or anything - it's more like I've got an SEP field on, but I'm standing in the place they want to stand, so they're approximating it. What the heck is up with that? I am not a small and hard-to-notice person, normally. And I'm not talking about when it's crowded, because then you stand where you can manage and I don't begrudge that. It's the... there's all this space to wander around in, and you had to stand inside my personal space radius? I actually maliciously accidentally bumped one of them the other day with my laptop bag, shifting it to the other shoulder, and she moved, still without not really noticing me. Weird.
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