August 25th, 2011


Octopus Quest

My sister has never quite forgiven twe for beating her in Octopus Wars and bringing the game to an end, (or justom for being a Really Mean Judge), so in this past visit, I allowed as enough time had passed that maybe there could be more octopodes. Perhaps an Octopus Quest, with quest givers (with exclamation points over their heads), perhaps with eps that can be spent on leveling up, or gold that can be spent on Loot or Spiffy Hats.

So I am curious - are there any retired octopodes who would be interested in questing? Or new questers who would need an octopus of their very own? Or, alternately, are people interested in being quest-givers (mean or otherwise)? Alternately alternately, if you're mjperson, do you want to help run it (in your copious free time...)
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