September 26th, 2011


Fancy Birthday Dinner

For my birthday, harrock took me to Menton, which is the new spiffy restaurant in Fort Point Channel. We had the tasting menu with paired wines; I think in the future that I should not try to do that much wine, as when even the teeny amuse bouche comes with its own wine, I end up falling behind and feeling as if I ought to be drinking faster, which is the wrong thing for many reasons. That aside, everything was very tasty, even the red wines. Some random comments:

The service is definitely in the service-as-art-form model, with one waiter per plate and sometimes an extra bonus waiter for the sauce tray. But they were friendly and engaging, rather than standoffish, so that was all good. And they gave me a menu afterwards that had all the additional non-listed bits like the amuse buche (the confit broccoli, the quadrucci, and the sorbet) and included what cheeses we chose from the impressively large selection on the cheese cart. (We tried to get just one cheese dish, due to approaching being full, but I think what we ended up with was the equivalent of two people's of cheese plates with the same cheeses? I don't know how it would have had worked if we had been hungrier.)

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