November 25th, 2011


Thanksgiving and other adventures

Thanksgiving was a success! This year was a Turkey Year, and people seem to think the brined turkey is the way to go. With harrock's mom and housemate visiting, we could technically fit everyone at the table, but once desireearmfeldt led an exodus to the Kid's Table (otherwise known as the coffee table and couches), I think everyone was more comfortable. Other than the turkey, it was much the same as last year with the "Everything is more yummy with bacon" theme, but all the desserts were pies brought by other people. fredrickegerman was very impressed with the roundness and flakiness of my biscuits, which I had to admit were from one of those poppy tubes (thus giving us the dialogue for an advertisement, had anyone been recording it). I am thankful for friends and family and the sharing of good cheer with both, and I am also always perenially thankful for people who wash the dishes.

justom and chanaleh are staying with us in our attic-quasi-guest-room (the library-real-guest-room having been dibsed already) to visit Tom's family for Thanksgiving (so I didn't have to edit my "everything is better with bacon" menu). Jerry and I went to pick them up from the bus station late Wednesday night, and it was the Hilariously Worst Pickup Trip Ever. So, to start with, we agreed to pick them up outside the exit, but the bus station was crazily busy, so we got stuck in gridlock-packed traffic two blocks away. My GPS said we could evade the left turn that was impossible to make and circle around, but the circling around ended up taking us through this particular interchange
and we hit the wrong ramp and ended up in the tunnel to Logan. Which, once you are in, is not really possible to exit. So we went to Logan and got slightly lost there (because "none of the terminals! None at all!" is not always a clear option), circled around, came back through the tunnel, and then blithely followed my Droid's GPS directions, which put us on 93 north, on the theory, I think, that this would take us directly underneath where we wanted to be, which was just what you want when you're a 2D map. So then we got off again at Storrow Drive, and started back towards South Station, the way we had come about twenty minutes previously, and with no clear indication that the traffic would be any better. So I called Tom and had them walk to the Chinatown Gate, which was about where we had been stalled at the first time around, and we got them from there. Later, I got a notification that FastLane had charged about $15 for tolls, and while writing this up I was trying to figure out how the heck we could have gone through quite that many tolls in our lostness, but the answer is, I think "that includes the tolls from when Jerry got his mom and Vicki earlier in the evening", which reassures me.)

Oh, and I finished the green tweed cowl for the Cookie Fairy (short version: Will Make Non-Sweater Items for Cookies). Okay, so it's not green tweed at all, but this is the yarn she brought me. :)
I like these particular two pictures of it, because it makes it look like the Sesame Street yip yip martians. :)