December 8th, 2011


Brown Hoodie

Making the first version of this sweater was something of an epic adventure, and the second version (for greyautumnrain's little boy D) had all its own epicness.

I got this yarn on my San Francisco yarn crawl (from the place with "yarn tastings"!). It's wool with a bit of silk, and has an interesting construction (it's more like an icorn than plied), so I thought it would be sturdy and shiny (which it is, though it also seems to be a little prone to snags, oops). I got about 20% of the way into the sweater using the normal garter stitch construction when I finally decided that it was a little *too* sturdy, and garter stitch just felt too hard and crunchy. So I decided to make a stockinette variation, which proved to be a new challenge for an already somewhat challenging pattern. (Garter stitch has magic properties of an approximately integral 2:1 relation between width and height, which makes right angles very simple). Additional snags: somehow I made the sleeves too short, which is a little understandable given that the pattern only says "make the sleeves until they're long enough" but is not actually so understandable given that when I complained about that before, the designer sent me numbers. :) Or, more likely, D has a different aspect ratio than a one-year-old. The second goof was forgetting to leave holes for the toggle loops, so the sweater ended up with cloak clasps instead. I think they look reasonable. In the "nobody notices but me" category, the colorwork pattern for the braid is not quite symmetric - I didn't notice until I was nearly through with it or I might have changed it. But it's still a little puzzling. (I think I swiped it from a free pattern somewhere else, so I can't complain too much). Anyway, D liked it, and there was some argument as to whether he looked more like a Jawa or a Jedi in it. With lightsaber, Jedi wins.

In other news, I am not very impressed with the iPad camera.