March 14th, 2012


Scary Foods Craigie Night

Due to the cancellation of greyautumnrain's run on Tuesday, our traditional Craigie mob with special guest star brilit went to Craigie on Main. What we didn't know before getting there (or probably in my case, knew once but had forgotten) was that it was the Off the Beaten Path dinner, which involved things like duck testicles and cuttefish and plankton (!) and tripe. We were either wusses or not hungry enough to have the full tasting menu, so just ordered from the "bar menu" (which was a subsection of the tasting plates) and then split an elk burger four ways. We seem to make a habit of accidentally going to their interesting dinners - the last time was about a year ago and was the All Pork All the Time dinner.

In other random news, I spent a while getting hooked on Creeper World 2 and woefully neglecting both my knitting and my TV watching. (Does it count as neglecting if it's just TV?) Having finished the main levels and the bonus levels, I have been poking at the user-generated levels, but many of the ones I have tried seem to require a much better player than I am in order to defeat. (An interesting side effect of the level rating system is that you can only give a level a thumbs up or thumbs down if you have beaten it.)