April 26th, 2012



Look! A sweater (for mjperson)! I got this yarn on my last yarn crawl in San Francisco, after spending a ridiculous amount of time in Artfibers, and it came in wound cones of exactly as much yardage as I asked for. Neat! I ended up getting two different lighter weight yarns, one yak and one alpaca, and combining them together. Both fibers are very warm for their weight compared to wool, so I think it will be a pretty warm sweater. It might be a little droopier than wool, which is very resilient, but I made it non-baggy, so that would help. The feel of the fabric is different than wool - silky (in a way that a small fluffy animal might be silky, not the way silk is silky - silk yarn actually has a... crunchy, squeaky feel, and this doesn't), and pettable.